Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is an important healing therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been in use for over 3,000 years in China and throughout the world. Like acupuncture, Chinese herbs help bring the body back to a balanced state of health and are an effective way to address many common complaints. Unlike western herbs, Chinese herbs are used in specific combinations, or formulas, as opposed to using them singularly. An herbal formula may be comprised of as many as 15 herbs, all having specific functions and working synergistically to unblock the Qi, nourish the body and restore balance.

In my practice, I tend to use Chinese herbal formulas in tablet or capsule form to make them easy to incorporate into your daily routine. No soaking, cooking or straining necessary! Through my years of experience, I have come to rely on a number of safe and effective formulas that address many of the common imbalances I see in my patients, and by including these formulas, I am able to extend the benefits of our treatments together. 

I am conservative in prescribing herbal formulas, if you are already taking multiple Western pharmaceuticals. We’ll work together with your comfort level, my expertise and the treatment plan designed for you to determine if adding an herbal formula is appropriate.