Are you experiencing….low energy? brain fog? skin breakouts or rashes? joint pain? unwanted weight gain? If so, I encourage you to commit to this 21 Day Cleanse program and heal your body from the inside out!

The program I offer through my practice is developed by Standard Process, a whole foods supplement company, and is 21 days of nourishing our bodies with nutrient dense whole foods, high quality protein and supplemental support for detoxification. It provides structure to help you improve your eating habits for the long-term and includes support, recipes and lifestyle tips from me. The results are long lasting and potentially life changing, which is why I think it is so important to offer it to all of you. I can speak from experience that following this program changes the way you think about nourishing your body!

Participants enjoy the benefits of  improved energy and mental clarity, clear, healthy skin, and new or improved habits around food (including learning new ways to prepare healthy, whole food and increased mindfulness around eating). Those looking to lose weight, may lose an average of 8 pounds during the 21 days and continue to lose after the cleanse is over, due to improved eating habits and a healthier digestive system. I do not market this cleanse specifically as a weight loss program, because I want my participants to focus on the many additional health and wellness benefits that come from supporting the body's natural detox processes and nourishing it with good nutrition. Weight loss may come from your body reaping those benefits and coming back into balance. I am always impressed by the results.

During the 3 weeks, we avoid all of the common food allergens, such as wheat/gluten, soy, dairy, eggs and nuts, while feeding our bodies delicious and nutritious vegetables, fruit, healthy fats and high quality protein. Protein shakes are a foundation component, so a good quality blender, in working condition, is required.

Please reply via email to let me know if you are interested in supporting your health by committing to these three weeks of healthy eating. We can set-up a consultation in my office, or over the phone, so I can give you more details and answer any questions you may have.

I invite my patients to join in a Group Cleanse in the Spring and Fall, but Individual Cleanses can be scheduled at any time that fits your schedule. You receive my full support either way!

Price: Full Detox Kit : $225  (Includes all supplements needed for the 21 Day Cleanse, including protein powders needed for the shakes. You will be purchasing your own food to eat during the cleanse.)

Additional support during this cleanse includes informational hand-outs, daily emails from me providing guidance and cleanse-friendly recipes, and access to me via email or phone for questions or trouble shooting.

The detox kit can be purchased in person through me at my office, or I can arrange to have it delivered directly to you (at an additional $8.50 drop ship charge). Give me a heads-up either way so I can be sure to have enough product in stock, or enough notice to get it shipped to you in advance of your start date.

I offer a $10 discount per each referral to this cleanse. It can be really helpful (and more fun) to have those closest to you, join in on this journey, especially if you live together and eat most of your meals together, so share this information with friends and family and get a little group together!


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The past three years had taken their toll on my body. As I edge towards 50 I was noticing trends in my eating habits that I did not like. Why listen to my body when it comes to sugar, booze, dairy, and gluten?

I’ve been seeing Rebecca for massage and acupuncture for over 19 years. I have a variety of autoimmune issues, torn ligaments, and tendons and early arthritis.

Eliminating inflammatory foods seemed like a logical path to address the pain, but I was resistant. It was mildly unpleasant at times, but extremely doable. I learned to make delicious foods and prep my food in advance.

I lost three inches in my waist. I have never in my life gotten more unsolicited compliments on how radiant I looked. I slept hard and my dreams were intense. I felt more present, playful and truly good in my body. I plan on continuing with this path until I lose the weight I want and learn how to eat healthy as a habit.

Rebecca is a skilled, intelligent and curious professional who is able to bring this cleanse to life. She answers questions honestly, and clearly while being direct (something I love about her). I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and once again regain control around food.
— A.G.