Rebecca Cates, L.Ac., M.S., C.M.T.

I love helping people feel better! I know when we feel better ourselves, we treat other people in our lives better and through the interconnected ripple effect, the world becomes a happier place. Let’s all do our part in making positive contributions to our communities by taking good care of ourselves!

I initially started working with people to improve their health and well being in 1993 as a massage therapist. The simple act of putting my hands on people proved to be very powerful and I discovered I have a true gift in being able to “read” and relieve areas of tension in the body. During my training in Shi’atsu Therapy, I fell in love with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its connection to nature, and decided to pursue becoming an acupuncturist.

Over the next few years, I read and absorbed everything I could about TCM while working to finish my undergraduate studies in preparation for the Masters of Science program at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM).  It was during this time that I worked at the Immune Enhancement Project (IEP) and at Quan Yin, two San Francisco community based clinics dedicated to bringing quality healthcare to people living with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and other traditionally underserved populations.


In 2002, I became a graduate of ACTCM, and after passing the stringent California State Acupuncture Licensing exam, I spent three months living in China’s Sichuan Province and studying at the teaching hospital of the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. That was an enriching and invaluable learning experience, and I loved seeing how the principles of the medicine I was studying were interwoven into everyday life! After I completed my courses there, my husband joined me and the two of us traveled through the south of China and other countries of Southeast Asia, soaking up culture, enjoying delicious food and meeting friendly people. 

These days, when I’m not treating patients in my private practice, I enjoy taking care of myself, my husband, our cats and our home. I love spending time in my garden and find weeding particularly satisfying! I take my own advice and eat well, exercise most days and enjoy laughing, learning and fireworks!

"You will find yourself making another appointment after each treatment because you feel soooo good and you don't want to forget that magical, relaxed state that seems to elude us stressed-out urban dwellers in our day to day lives-  and you will look forward to it all week long as it approaches!  Rebecca is a true healing artist."  ~ Catherine F.